Preoperative Preparations

Preoperative Eye Medications

Please refer to the instructions you received from your surgeon. Bring all of your eye medications with you on the day of surgery.

Pre-Operative Phone Interview

One of our registered nurses will call to obtain your medical history including your medications and give you instructions for surgery. Please have your list of medications, including dosages, available for when the nurse calls.


Unless instructed otherwise, you may take your usual medications with a sip of water. In particular, do not skip usual medications taken for your heart, blood pressure, or breathing conditions. If you are diabetic, the nurse will instruct you on what diabetes medicines to take. You should bring any prescription inhalers and nitroglycerin pills with you.


Please do not eat or drink anything after midnight (except sips of water for your regular medicines). You may have clear liquids (water, fruit juices without pulp, carbonated beverages, clear tea, black coffee, clear broth or bouillon, but no milk) up until 4 hours before your scheduled arrival time.

Financial Responsibility

You will be called by a financial representative regarding any copayment, coinsurance or deductible due at the time of surgery. To avoid cancellation or rescheduling of your surgery, please be sure to bring all required amounts with you the day of surgery.

Day of Surgery


Please wear comfortable clothing and a shirt that opens in the front. Do not wear any makeup. Leave jewelry and any unnecessary valuables at home.


Because of the sedation, you may not drive following surgery and must arrange transportation home. Georgia Eye Institute Surgery Center is located in the Georgia Eye Institute building on the third floor. The building is on the Memorial University Medical Center campus across from the Center for Advanced Medicine. The patient entrance is at the front of the building. We have a designated parking lot next to the surgery center. Please plan on being at the surgery center at least 2 hours for cataract surgery and longer for other eye surgeries. We ask that your driver stay at the surgery center in case of an emergency and to be available to drive you home when you are discharged. You should be discharged from the center into the care of a responsible adult.

Check In

Please bring all of you insurance cards and photo I.D. with you the day of surgery. For those with co-pays, co-insurance or without insurance, we require payment with a credit card, care credit, check or cash upon arrival.

Preoperative Preparations

After registering, you will enter the preoperative area. The nursing staff will give you medicines to help you relax and start an IV. The anesthesiologist will review the anesthesia plan with you.

During Surgery

Your surgery will be performed in one of our operating rooms. During the operation you will be awake enough to follow your surgeon’s instructions. Your eye will be numb, but you may feel some mild pressure at times. You will only be able to see bright lights and colors during the operation. Because of the sedation you may or may not remember everything that happens in the operating room. An anesthesia provider will give you medication to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed and will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level during surgery.


After surgery you will be brought to the recovery area and provided with something to drink. You will be given instructions by a nurse regarding your home care after surgery. Plan to spend the remainder of your surgery day resting.