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Ambulatory Surgery Centers Serving Savannah and Glennville, GA

Georgia Eye Institute provides patients the comfort, safety, convenience and cost savings of a Medicare-Approved AAAHC Accredited outpatient surgery center. Our Georgia Eye Institute Surgery Center in Savannah continues to receive patient accolades for its warm, friendly staff and efficiency. Our Savannah surgery center was built in 2010 to enhance the comprehensive care that Georgia Eye Institute provides. This state-of-the-art surgery center consists of two OR’s, one procedure room, and nine pre-op and post-op bays.

The Georgia Eye Institute Surgery Center is a Medicare Certified facility, licensed by the State of Georgia, and recognized by the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.) for its commitment to excellence and high quality care. Our surgery center offers comfortable, convenient, relaxed environments that utilize the latest technology available for maximum results. Because we perform surgery in our outpatient surgery center, the facility’s expenses are much less than the cost of the same procedure if it were performed in a traditional hospital setting.

Our broad range of ophthalmic and plastic surgery procedures includes laser assisted and traditional cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, retina surgery, corneal transplants and plastic surgeries such as lid lesion removal and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

Our experienced surgeons utilize the latest surgical techniques, new technology and equipment, and customized intraocular lenses to suit your visual needs. Georgia Eye Institute Surgery Center is proud to offer patients in the Savannah area the Femtosecond laser assisted method of cataract surgery.

Our experienced team of surgeons and nurses works hard to make your visit for surgery a pleasant experience and to maximize your vision potential. We have improved the vision of thousands of people suffering from poor vision and cataracts. Please contact us to discuss specific questions you may have regarding your surgery or  click here for more information regarding your surgical visit.


Georgia Eye Institute Surgery Center permit # 033558
Glennville Eye Surgery Center permit # 132-535

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